Best Movie Download Sites list 2021

Top Free Download Movies Websites List

Entertainment became part of our lives today. A movie is a major form of entertainment. One can not stay unless watching any movie. I’m here to let you know the information about the list of websites, where you can download and watch movies for free without any complexity and with high quality as well. The list of movie web sites I’m about to present to you now is legal and authentic. 

Usually, when you look for movies to download, you are by and large misled and directed towards fake websites where you find nothing about movies. Today, I’m going to offer you a genuine list of web sites from where you can download and watch all the latest movies of different Indian languages and international movies with high quality. The list of websites frequently is kept updated with the latest movies of all Indian languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and more.

 It’s to be noted that watching and downloading movies from illegal sites are prohibited and may causes you trouble as per the Govt order. Therefore, it’s suggested that watching and downloading movies from genuine sites is safe and secure.

Below is the list of web sites to download the movies. 

  1. You Tube:

As we know that YouTube is one of the most renowned video channels ever and everybody is familiar with it. To watch and download a huge number of movies with high-quality resolution, YouTube is the best choice for you. Moreover, it offers movies with subtitles in English to users with no ads for a trial period. It is one of the googles product.  

It’s to be noticed that it’s only accessible in The USA. You can’t access it if you reside in India. It has more than 100 feature-length movies to download.

      2. Hotstar

Hotstar is one more popular website after YouTube to watch and download movies in all Indian languages. It has a mobile app available for handset too. It has a huge list of movies of Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and more. This website is user-friendly and anyone can use it as its interface is quite simple and easy to access.

      3. Sony Crackle

It’s one of the best channels to download movies with high-quality in multiple languages. You’re supposed to sign up so as to access and download movies available in Sony Crackle. Thereafter, you’ll be suggested a list of movies based on your curiosity.

It is to be noted that Sony Crackle may not be accessible in your location. However, in order to access it, you should use proxy services. 

      4. Popcornfilx 

It is Screen Media Ventures’ streaming platform provides users with plenty of movies with high resolution from public domain movies to its original contents. It’s completely free and no need to spend any amount to download movies from the website. It offers movies in diverse genres like comedy, horror, action, drama.

      5. Hulu

Hulu TV is an online video streaming platform that works on the basis of subscription. You would get less content in its free version of Hulu. It offers more than 100 films for free. The Hulu app is available for android and iOS. It is not accessible in all countries. Therefore, to access this app, proxy or VPN is required.

      6. Yahoo View

Yahoo View site does not work in India. However, it can be accessible by using a proxy or VPN. It only works only in the USA. The movies available in this site are sorted out and this has a user-friendly interface and it’s designed in such a way that genre of movies can be selected. It has rich content anybody can download high-resolution movies.

      7. IMDB 

The IMDB is Amazon’s own website. It offers plenty of movies for free to download. This service is accessible only in the USA. It is kept updated with the latest movies. Apart from that, it holds information related to movies, TV shows, video games, movie reviews.

      8. Netflix

It is subscription-based media-services provider founded by an American in 1997 and one of the popular streaming platforms. It offers a large number of movies, web series, TV shows, and more for free. In addition to that, it has a feature to download Bollywood movies, documentary, Hollywood movies, Web series from Netflix free of charge. To access the latest content with no adds or download the latest movies, you’re charged according to the plans. 

      9. Amazon Prime

It is subscription-based streaming platform founded by American. It offers a large number of movies, web series, TV shows and documentary with high quality on a subscription basis. It has a feature that lets people watch movies without being a fully prime subscriber in a few countries. It offers you movies, comedy shows, a documentary for free.

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