Highest Trp RatingSerials In Telugu 2021

Top Telugu Serials TRP Ratings : Serials have now become a part of every household. The serials have become so important, that if there is no chance of missing them at any cost. When the clock hits the time for the favorite serial that’s it people leave all their work and sit in front of the television. This is what the magic of serial is all about.

When serials are giving you this much entertainment, even they need something in return from the audience. The TRP ratings, If the ratings goes down then there is a huge chance of stopping the serial on the channel. That’s why creative directors try their best to bring out the suspense in the serials to keep the audience hooked what happens in the next episode. Even after trying so much, If there is no development in the TRP Ratings then the serial will be stopped at any cost. So here are some serials which have attracted the audience so much that their TRP Ratings have been high from many weeks.

Telugu Serials TRP Ratings 2021 This Week


1)Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam is now one of the famous serials, The lead characters in this serial are played by Nirupam paritala and Premi Vishwanath. The serial has become so famous that people forgot their real names as well. Nirupam is famously known as Doctor Baabu and Premi Vishwanath is Vantala Akka. Because of its wonderful storytelling, The audience like the show very much. That’s why its on the top of the TRP list with 13970K TRP Rates..

2)Intinti Gruhalakshmi

This is yet another famous serial airing on Maa TV. The lead characters in this serial are played by Kasthuri and the serial completely revolves around her. She plays the role of an housewife and the problems that a housewife has. The husband’s role is played by Harikrishna. The audience related to this serial so much, That’s why it is one of the top serials as of now with 10181K TRP Rates.

3)Gupedantha Manasu

Guppendantha Manasu is one of the latest serials which have been telecasted on MAA TV in 2020 and right from the beginning itself the serial has got the attention of the audience. The cast of this serial include Raksha Gowda, Mukesh Gowda, Gopal Shyam, Usha Sri, Jyothi Rai and others. The serial has got 8192K TRP Rates.


Devatha is yet another important serial telecasting on MAA TV. This is the story about two sisters who fall in with the same guy and the story revolves just around these three people. The cast of the serial are Arjun Ambati, Vyshanvee Rami Reddy, Suhasini, Anila Sreekumar, and Nata Kumari. This serial has got 8006K TRP Rates.

5)Prema Entha Madhuram

Prema Entha madhuram is a wonderful serial which telecasts on Zee Telugu. This serial is all about love, A youngster who works in a big office falls in love with a guy who is a middle-aged man. The main motto of the serial is love doesn’t relate to age. The story revolves around this two people. Varsha and Venkat are playing the lead roles in this serial and this serial has 7416K TRP Rates.

So these are the TOP Telugu serisl and their TRP Ratings. We hope you watch them as well, because every one of them are ifferent and interesting as well.

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