Tandav Web series Controversy : All You Need To Know About The Scene

Tandav is a political drama web series directed by Ali Abbas Jafar and written by Gaurav Solanki. In this web series many big actors like Saif Ali Khan, Dimple kapadia, Tigamanushi Dhulia and others. Recently this web series have been into a controversy. An FIR has been filed against this web series because of wrong promotion of religious enmity and others as well.

The FIR has placed at Hazratganj Police station. The complaint was given on the head of Amazon Prime India’s head Aparna Purohit. The web series producers Himanshu Krishna and others as well. The charges include the promoting of enmity between different religious, castes, race, and damage done in the name of religion. The purpose of placing an FIR about this web series is because this promotion could damage the integrity and the unity in diversity concept of this country and people can get mislead because of all this irrational views on the religion and castes.

Now this controversy has been reached up to the Broadcasting Ministry as well. They have summoned the Amazon Prime officials to discuss about this controversy. Even the BJP leader Ram kadam said that Tandav Web series has decisively hurt the Hindu religion sentiments in this web series. He also mentioned on the TV that he has written a letter to the union minister regarding this issue and he also requested that OTT platforms content should be brought under censorship. They have also requested to ban the Tandav web series for sometime until this case is resolved.

Tandav released on Amazon Prime Video on 17th Of January, The trailer of the series has created huge hype in the audience. It is a 9 episode web series and it deals within the inner drama of a political prowess. We have to wait further to know what the ministry has took decision on this controversial topic.

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