What Is Corona Strain ? How Is It Effect Our Life ?

Strain Virus In India : Strain Mutation, Impact And Cure

As per the latest declaration of the WHO(World Health Organization), A new variant in Covid-19 has come to the attention of researchers in December 2020. First it was seen in the south of England, The virus spreads more quickly and effectively. The UK government has put up a hold as of now, The lock down is initiated in the different parts of the England and UK. As of now, the new strain hasn’t been found in India. Apart from the UK, The new strain has been seen in Denmark, Belgium, Australia and Nigeria as well.

The Indian Government has suspended the flights from UK and other countries which are carrying this new variant of Covid-19. Several states in India like Maharashtra are imposing lock down till January 5th and also the government is imposing 14 days of strict quarantine for the people who are migrating from another countries.

While the governments of West Bengal and Telangana are trying to track the passengers who have arrived at the places. Some of them have given fake details about them and the government is busy tracking them now. The vaccines are releasing slowly in the market and this vaccine will also work for this new strain of the Covid-19. This vaccine provides immense immune system and the vaccine responds quickly and produces antibodies and it protects you from the attacks of the virus.

Strain Mutation : 70% Faster Than Normal Corona Virus

The doctors are saying that people need to be careful because most of them have become careless regarding this virus. It is suggested to follow the rules of social distancing, wearing mask and sanitizing regularly. New Strain is nothing but a unique RNA sequence which takes human cells as host cells. This hosting can make the virus either strong or weak. In this case of SARS-CoV-2 is changing the sequence of the genetic code and this is helping to differentiate the viral strain. Starain is 70% more powerful compared to covid -19.

These type of mutating is tend to occur at a very higher proportions in the population.  So it is better to avoid closed spaces, Crowded places and close contact with anyone. Many doctors in India are saying that the virus is mutation is a common nature of the virus and these viruses keep on changing their properties quite often. Frankly the people of India have been very irresponsible with the rules of Social Distancing, Lock down restrictions weren’t followed quite properly.

India Alert Over Strain

Now the government is opening everything slowly, Even some states are providing 100% occupancy in theaters. Just because the restrictions are removed that doesn’t mean that the virus is dead or the pandemic is over. The virus is still lurking around in the air, and every closed space. So it is important to follow the rules wear a mask always when you are outside. You never know when you will get affected by this virus and if the new strain has entered into India then within no time, Huge population will suffer from this new strain.

If you think you are affected by this virus, First stay away from your family. Go to nearby testing centers and do rapid action tests. If you are negative then there is no need to worry. But if you are positive, Tell your family and the people who met you in the past few days to get themselves checked. Stay in quarantine for 14 days and take regular medication. Take regular steam two times a day and food which contains high protein values. After 14 days go and check again. By then the body begins to fight with the virus and most probably the test will be negative. The antibodies will soon produce in the body and you can provide those antibodies for the people who are in need as well.

So be safe and maintain social distancing all the time. Our life style isn’t going to be normal till the vaccine comes out. Be Immune, and strong. Follow the imposed rules provided by the government. Be a responsible citizen for your country and protect yourself from falling into danger.

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