Swamy Om Passes Away : Bigg Boss 10 Contestant

Om Swamy Death Reason : wami Om has died very recently on Wednesday February 3rd 2021 in Delhi. As per the reports released by the AIIMS. He was very ill and was undergoing a severe treatment. He has also suffered a paralysis attack a few days back. After that his health got drastically declined. Soon after that he passed away on Wednesday.

Arjun Jain who is the son of Swami Om’s friend Mukesh Jain has confirmed the news to the media. Swami Om was also tested positive for the coronavirus earlier and he had recovered from it.

Arjun jain told the media that Swamiji was very sick from the last few months, He had a lot of trouble walking due to weakness, and he also had paralysis in half his body. His condition got more worsened after that. The last rights of Swami Om will be performed today 1t 1:30PM at Nigam Bodh Ghat, Delhi.

Swami Om is a known name to the ones who have watched Bigg Boss season 10. He was one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house and he got into lot of controversies amidst his stay in the Bigg Boss House. Because of some major controversies inside the house, The makers had to send him home. The controversy included splashing his pee on his fellow contestants. Even after sending to home, Swami Om kept on making controversies and making headlines for all the wrong reasons even after his work with Bigg Boss ended.

No matter what he has done, He is no more now. We should pay respect to the dead. May his soul rest in peace. Om Swamy Death Reason : Paralasis

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