Step by step process to uninstall iOS 15 beta on iphone 2021

How to Uninstall iOS 15 beta

Recently Apple has announced the coming of iOS 15 for all its users. While there is still time for that but the beta version of iOS 15 has been released online and many features were updated in this version.

We will discuss about the previous edition iOS 14 and compare the features with iOS 15 now.

iOS 14 FeaturesiOS 15 Beta Features
Compatibility with all devices able to run iOS 13Compatible with all the devices and able to run even on iPhone 6 model
Home Screen redesigned with many new widgetsFace time upgrades are included. Spatial audio, and links for face time can be sent to Android and PC users as well.
New App Library includedi Message Features updated
App Clips feature is also includedMaps get 3D Street Data, and AR Walking Directions
Full Screen calls are not there anymoreNew Search Features and the rich search is also included in this update
Siri is more smarter in iOS 14New Photo features which helps you detect live text directly.
App Clips are added to iOS 14. This lets you do things like rent a scooter, purchase a coffee, and make a restaurant reservation as well.Health App Updates, and this wonderful features include many new updates and the data can be shared with your doctor as well.
New Emoji options are includedWeather Features are updated with different layouts and variations to understand the weather correctly.

What are the problems included with iOS 15 Beta?

Well it is quite common that any new update will have problems and there are many ways to rectify them as well. Complete list of iOS 15 beta features are looks good, but techies detected some issues. Still somebody wants to install iOS 15 beta on iPhone.

Apart from that even company starts releasing some other updates which will help to modify the bugs and run the device even more smoothly than before. So here are the problems which are included with iOS 15 Beta version:

  • Some assistive touch features aren’t working properly and this problem is ending up triggering Siri accidentally.
  • Difficult to turn up the display brightness.
  • Memojis are not rendered properly in some scenarios.
  • The Battery widget isn’t working properly and it is not displaying the remaining battery of the connected device properly.
  • In certain some vehicles, The Mute and route overview buttons aren’t showing up.
  • Siri isn’t working properly. It is getting dismissed automatically if the device is triggered multiple times.
  • Face-time isn’t showing the zoom indicator when using the rear camera.
  • The portrait effect on a group Face-time call isn’t working properly. Instead bringing the portrait effect the video is being zoomed in always.
  • Face-time has become unresponsive if you are trying to call a contact with an emoji included in their name.
  • The Auto reply feature is currently broken.
  • The Home screen pages aren’t showing in random order with Focus active.
  • Scrolling in App Library has become slightly disturbed. The headers are overlapping instead of fading back.
  • The document scanner function in the Mail App is broken.
  • There are some layout issues while adding widgets to your home screen in iPadOS 15.

How to Uninstall iOS 15 Beta Version from your device?

As mentioned above, With the beta versions there might be problems and bugs which can completely disturb your device. So if you want to remove this update from your mobile ten there two possible options. Let’s see them in detail.

First the easiest way for How to Uninstall iOS 15 Beta is:

  1. Go to Settings- General – Profile and tap on the iOS  15 Beta Software Profile.
  2. Tap on Remove Profile then enter your pass code and confirm that you want to remove it from your device.

That’s it the device will remove the beta version. You may need to wait for Apple to release the New iOS 15 update for you to install. You need to regularly check the software update settings on your mobile.

Now the tough way to remove the iOS 15 Beta Version from your mobile is Recovery Mode.

If you want to uninstall iOS 15 Beta version immediately then you have to erase your iPhone using recovery mode. By choosing this option iPhone deletes all the content which includes photos, messages, apps, and many more.

Even if you backup your data it won’t work. The only way to keep your data with you is following the easy way

The Recovery Mode is completely dependent on the iPhone model you are using. Sometimes it also involves connecting your mobile to macOS computer and recover it.

So these are all the details of iOS 15 beta version features comparison with the previous update and the problems included with this version and how to uninstall the version from your device. We will get back to you with more updates soon.

This concludes the topic how to uninstall ios 15 beta version on iphone.

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