How to install iOS 15 beta on iPhone 2021

iOS 15 Beta Details :It is official now that iOS 15 is coming with all new features and developments included. iOS update will come in all the eligible device in this coming fall.

This update is going to arrive with iPhone 13 very soon. We are quite sure that this update will be released alongside the latest Apple’s next i Phones.

But the beta version is already out, and if you are an iPhone user you can get it if you have an developer account with Apple.

iOS 15 beta Features 2021

Here are some wonderful features which are coming with this wonderful update:

1. Face time Improvement

If you are iphone user then you must have used Face time and you also know what are the types of features included in that.

Well almost from the past two years everybody has been working from home because of the pandemic and many meetings and events are happening online.

So Apple company has made this Face Time calls even more comfortable and natural at the same time. This update looks so good that if you are talking with someone on phone it feels like you are sitting in the same room and talking to each other face to face.

Apart from that Voice Isolation have also been improved. Now face time users can also generate links to invite others to the call directly.

These links can be used by Android and PC users in a browser. By the way these calls are end to end encrypted for privacy measures. Screen Sharing option is also included this let others share information and share play which let’s you sync with music as well.

2) New Search Features

In this latest update, the search features are the best. In this you can search your photos, text and text in photos as well. Even in the contacts list you can include rich search.

The results will show the details of Showing call, text, Face-time, and email shortcuts as well. This rich search result is also applicable online. You can search for the actors, shows, movies, musicians, artists, and any other popular celebrity.

3) New Photo Features

This latest photo features let’s the users detect live text directly and they can also capture information from a whiteboard directly.

The best advantage of this live text is it can understand seven different languages. This update also brings On-Device intelligence which helps you get the info on anything.

Like you can recognize the famous books, landmarks, famous arts like paintings and sketches directly, types of flowers and plants, breeds of different animals are also included.

4) New Maps, Weather Features

As we all know how wonderful the maps in Apple mobiles are. To add more grace to that Apple Maps has got new feature which invites the users to tap and explore the global cities in detail.

Smallest of the smallest details have been added to this maps, This is quite helpful for the drivers and they can see the roads very clearly and understand the routes quite easily as well. Another good thing is this maps are also available in 3D.

Now coming to the weather features. The weather app is getting new updates with new data and different layouts for different weather conditions.

Apart from this thousands of variations have included in this weather updates and this will help you understand more about Wind, barometric pressure data, precipitation and other weather related queries.

5) Health App updates

Even the health app is getting good updates on iOS 15. This wonderful features include walking steadiness, new mobility algorithms which are assess balance, stability and coordination with the iPhone sensors. This data can be securely shared with your doctor or your loved ones as well.

There are many other wonderful features Auto Translate App which detects which language you are speaking. You just have to download the language to use this feature on your device. Other features are i Message, New Notification designs and focus features as well.

Here are the devices which will get iOS 15: iPhone 12(Mini, Pro, Pro Max), iPhone 11(Pro, Pro Max), iPhone XS, and XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone8, and 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and 7 plus, iPhone 6s, and 6s Plus, iPhone SE(1st, 2nd, and 7th generation)

Apart from this iPad and Mac books also will get this updates as well.

How to install iOS 15 beta on iPhone 2021

Here is how you need to install this iOS Beta Software. Follow this step by step procedure to install the iOS 15 Beta Version.

1.Download the configuration profile from the download page. Then Download the configuration profile directly on your iOS device and follow the install instructions.

2.Connect your device to a power cord and connect to your WI-Fi.

3.Tap on the Settings- General- Software Update

4.Tap on that Download and Install.

5. Tap on the Install, Or you can also choose to tap later and choose Remind Me later. You can also choose install tonight. If you choose this option, Connect your device to the power cord at night and your device will update automatically by morning.

This is the process of installing the beta version of iOS 15 on your device. As you can see the features and updates are quite good when compared to the previous version. We will get back to you with more updates regarding iOS 15 more details.

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