how to cancel chegg subscription and get refund 2021

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription 2021 : Chegg is an American based teaching firm providing textbooks on rentals in the form of both digital and physical, assignments, online classes, and several other features to students. 

Then read the post till the end to know the procedure to cancel your Chegg subscription. 

Why do you need to cancel your Chegg subscription?

If you no longer wish to use Chegg services, then you will camel chegg subscription and get your reaming amount as refund. here you will get complete details about how to cancel chegg subscription and refund.

5 Best Methods to cancel Chegg subscription 2021

If you’re willing to pause or discontinue Chegg services, then there are multiple ways one can apply to revoke a Chegg subscription.

#1. How to cancel Chegg Subscription from

Even if you revoke Chegg Subscription, you can still use the subscription till your billing date expires. You can revoke a Chegg subscription if you subscribe to

With merely a simple step, the subscription plan can be revoked in the middle of the course. Click on Cancel my subscription button to cancel the subscription. 

#2. How to cancel Chegg Subscription from iTunes

Learn how to revoke subscriptions on Apple devices. Cancel subscription on iPhone, iPod, iPad.

If you revoke subscriptions during a free trial period, you might not get access to the subscription. However, you can continue your subscription till the next billing date expires. Subscriptions are typical to get renewed unless and until you revoke them.

Below is the process to cancel Chegg Subscription from iTunes.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click your name.
  • Click the Subscriptions option where you can see the Cancel Subscription option. 
  • When you click on Cancel Subscription, you can see the number of services you’ve subscribed to already. 
  • Click on individual services if you want to continue a few subscriptions.

If you’re using a free or a discounted trial subscription and you don’t wish to continue it, revoke it 24 hours before the trial period ends. 

#3. How to cancel Chegg Subscription from google play

Follow the below steps to revoke or cancel any subscriptions including the Chegg Subscription plan.

  • First, you need to sign in to Subscriptions.
  • Find the subscription that you wish to revoke and tap Manage.
  • Opt for Cancel Subscription. If you don’t find it, tap Manage Subscription to get the Google product that you subscribed to. You can revoke the subscription.

Tap on the Cancelled option in order to see the list of your canceled subscriptions.    

#4. How to cancel Chegg Subscription from phone

Cancelling a Chegg subscription over the phone is pretty easy and simple. All you have to do is just dial the Chegg number to revoke the subscription.

Then speak to the customer care support. Give the representative with all info and details required to revoke the subscription.  

#5. How to cancel a Chegg tutor subscription?

 It is slightly different to revoke Chegg Tutor Membership than any other Chegg subscription methods. Follow the steps below to cancel Chegg Tutor subscriptions.

  • Sign in your Chegg account and goto to the Settings option on My Account.
  • Tap the Orders button.
  • After clicking the Orders button, the Subscription tab will appear. Click on the Edit Plan option which is next to the Chegg Tutor plan. 
  • Then do a few changes in your Chegg Tutor subscription option.

If your teaching session is unused at the time of cancellation, you can get a refund by making a request through an email. The amount of leftover tutorials will be credited into your account.

3. How to get a refund from Chegg?

If you have discontinued Chegg services and want to get a refund from your Chegg, then contact the customer service department either by phone or the official website and make a request for credit for the unutilized teaching duration.

This can be performed on either the Chegg phone website or desktop website.

Chegg Refund over the phone and its official Website

Make a call to 1-855-868-1054 from Monday to Friday, between 5 Am to 6 PM, and describe why you’d like to cancel and need a refund.

In addition to calling, you can make a request for a refund with the help of Chegg chat on their webpage.

Choose the Live Chat button that appeared on the right side of the page and make a request for a refund. This concludes the topic How to Cancel Chegg Subscription and membership 2021.

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