How to delete twitch clips 2021?

Delete twitch clips on a mobile or a tablet

If you want to delete Twitch Clips through a mobile or a tablet this is how you need to do it.

  • Go to the website in a web browser, You can use any browser you want and request the desktop version of the site so that you can delete the videos.
  • Request the desktop version of the site which is an option available in the upper left corner of the website.
  • Tap on the Icon image, You will see it on the upper right corner of the browsing window. 
  • Below that click on the Video producer, when you click you will see your videos in a separate page. 
  • In that videos page, You will see three dots next to the video.
  • Click on the Delete, Which is at the bottom of the menu.

That’s it, The video will be deleted directly and you will be longer available to retrieve it back. 

Delete twitch clips on Xbox

twitch account 2021
twitch account 2021

Well, we all know that Xbox is a wonderful platform to play video games on your TV. But there won’t be a browser option available to delete the twitch clips. You need to install the Twitch app on Xbox so that you can record or stream your videos directly to the audience. Here is how you need to delete it.

  • In the Xbox Interface, You will see the Twitch app along with the games and other tools. 
  • Open it and Login into your Twitch Account. 
  • Next Click on the Icon Image, Which you will see on the upper right corner of the app.
  • Below that you will see the option Video Producer. In that you will see all your videos and other content. 
  • You will see three dots next to the video and choose the Delete option which is at the bottom of that menu.

That’s it the twitch clips will be removed from your Xbox and the storage will be freed up. 

Delete twitch clips as a mod

This is one of the least methods used to delete twitch clips. Actually, it is not possible for a mod to delete twitch clips. Only the creator or editor has the access to delete the clips. If the content is inappropriate to the context then the channel mods have the access to delete the clips which are created by the user. 


1)How long will the twitch clips be saved?

Most of the prime twitch clips will have a time period of 60 days before being deleted from the tool. 

2)Can a user upload clips on Twitch?

Yes, the user can upload videos on Twitch via the Video Producer. But your account needs to have reached a partner or Affiliate status to upload your pre-edited clips.

3)Can a user make twitch clips Private?

No there is no option of keeping twitch clips private. The clips are public and they cannot be hidden.

4)Can a user download his clips on twitch?

Yes, the user can download their clips on Twitch via the Video producer. In this option you will see three dots, In that menu, you can see the download option just click on it and the video will be downloaded. 

5)Where can a user view the twitch clips?

If you have a twitch account, Then you will see all your videos in the profile section under that you can navigate to the channel’s video tab and you can view all your videos there before taking any further action. 

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