How to delete Pokemon Save 2021

Delete Pokemon Save

Well if you are a 90’s kid then you must have definitely watched Pokemon on Television. Pokemon is a wonderful cartoon in which the lead character Ash with different types of pokemon which are categorized into fire pokemon, water pokemon, electric pokemon, rock pokemon, and others. It was a sensational show at that time.

Later the show became a game and many people played it on their mobiles and other devices. If you are familiar with the games of Pokemon then you must have definitely known about the games included in the Nintendo platform.

Games like Pokemon Gold, Silver, Soul Silver, Pokemon White, and Black have become quite popular. So today we are going to discuss how to delete the saved file on these games. Let’s see them one by one.

Methods to delete Pokemon Save

If you have a Nintendo with you or if you are using an emulator on your PC. Just follow these simple steps and delete the Pokemon Save.

Delete Pokemon Save

A) Soul Silver:

To delete the existing Save File from Soul Silver, You need to start the game and it will show you the title screen. Now in that press up button which is on the left hand and then B Button and Select Button together. Then choose the option to delete all saved data and press the select button. The Save File will be deleted from Soul Silver. 

B) Data:

To delete your saved data, You need to boot up the game first. When you boot up the game, You will see the intro movie of the game. Then hit the up button on the D-Pad and X and B Button at the same time. Remember you have to hit all these three buttons at once and the intro will be skipped.

  1. Now the game will ask you to delete all your saved data.
  2. Then select the yes option and hit the select button. That’s it, all the data will be deleted.

C) Platinum.

Till now, We have shown you how to delete the saved files from the Nintendo. Now we will show you how to delete the files from an emulator so it will be useful for the people who play these games on the emulator as well.

  1. In the emulator, Open the Pokemon Platinum in that game you need to press the Up button
  2. select and B on the Title Screen.
  3. Then the game will ask if you want to delete the saved file.
  4. You should choose yes or no. Then the data will be deleted. Mostly the platinum version of this game won’t allow you to delete the file. So this is the only method to delete the data from the game. 

D) Sword:

It is very simple to delete the saved file from the Sword version.

  1. From your Nintendo, Select System Settings.
  2. Then scroll down to the data management and on the right side of the screen, you will see the data management tab.
  3. Go to Delete Save Data and choose your Pokemon Sword Data.
  4. Then select the profile and then just select the Delete save data.
  5. That’s it. All the data will be deleted from the game. 

E) File:

It is very simple just press the X and B Button and Up Button on the D-Pad.

  1. The game will ask if you wish to delete your Save file.
  2. Then hit the select button and the saved file will be wiped off. 

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