How to delete Pokemon Conquest 2021?

If you’re a Pokemon game lover and willing to quit the game, we will assist you to delete Pokemon Conquest. 

Pokemon Conquest

Pokemon Conquest is one of the popular games on Nintendo DS. It is a 2012 tactical role-playing video game which is developed by Temco Koei and published by Pokemon Company. The game is widely distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. Those who don’t have a Nintendo DS can play with the help of an emulator. 

In this game, The lead character comes with a supportive Pokemon Eeve and they travel together through the Ransei Region capturing new pokemon and battling gym trainers and others. The gameplay is quite good and the graphics are quite good as well. In this game, The Pokemon are capable of using different attacks and means of different movements and evolutions as well. 

This game is very addictive and the Pokemon lovers will definitely love this game. In case you complete the game and you no longer want to play the game again or if you want to delete a saved file from the game. Then this is how you need to do it. 

How to delete Pokemon Conquest

Delete Pokemon Conquest

Before the game begins, You will see the company logo. 

  1. When the company logo appears you have to press and hold down the button (A)+(B)+(X)+(Y) 
  2.  just like that you can delete your save data from the game. All of your gallery data will also be removed as well. But remember one thing: you can’t recover the data again. 

Once you hit these buttons together and the data is deleted, If you are willing then you can play the game from the beginning again. So these are all the details about the popular game Pokemon Conquest and how to delete the saved file from the game. 

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