How to delete messages on Twitch 2021?

Are you looking for ways to delete messages on Twitch? Well, a lot of uses are willing to close or erase messages for several reasons. Whatever the reason may be, We will help you delete messages with just simple methods. 


Twitch is an American video live streaming service which completely focuses on video game live streaming which also includes broadcasts of esports competitions. This platform also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and real-life streams. This platform is operated by Twitch interactive. 

Twitch’s popularity increased with its general-interest counterpart. Back in the year 2013, Twitch got more than a 45million unique viewers. Later in the year, It was considered the fourth largest source of peak internet traffic in the United States. By the next year, Twitch had more than 100 million viewers per month. By the same year, More than 3million broadcasters started live streaming on this platform and that’s how Twitch became very popular. 

You can live chat with your followers and the ones who are watching your stream. Well if you typed something wrong and you want to delete messages on Twitch. To find that out let’s see different methods of deleting the messages from different platforms.

How to delete messages on Twitch?

Delete Messages On Twitch

As mentioned above, Twitch can have thousands of viewers chatting on a single channel. This chat can become filled with spam, harassment, and inappropriate comments. Deleting a single message in Twitch Chat is quite easy. But there are a couple of steps before. 

Before you delete the message you need to enable mod icons. These icons allow the moderators to quickly perform moderation actions on your respective channel.

We will discuss how to enable the mod icons and how to use the function of deleting the messages. 

If you want to delete the message using your phone. Then you can click on the name in the chat and then you can see different options turning up. You can manually time out the user or you can also ban them completely, By choosing these options. 

The time-out option is something that the message will disappear after some time, and the user won’t be able to send another message till some time. The Ban option is you can completely kick out the user from your channel and they will no longer have the access to chat on the channel. 

If you want to delete the message from the mod view then these are the following steps mentioned below.

  • First, Visit the website on your browser.
  • Then Click on the Login Button and enter your login credentials to get access to your account. Then a home page will appear. 
  • Then you will find an icon on the top right corner and click on Channel.
  • In the Channel’s page, Click on the Chat Tab and this will open the stream chat window on the right side of the screen.
  • On the bottom of the stream chat, Click on the sword like icon to switch to the mod view to get better control.
  • With Mod view you will Mod Icons. Now in the Mod View of the chat area click on the icon with the three dots. 
  • That menu displays the options ‘ Show Mod Icons.’ Once you get the Mod Icons select the specific message you want to delete and you will see a trash icon next to the message. Click on that and the message will be deleted from the area.

See it’s as simple as that, You can also give different commands like timeout and ban to stop the inappropriate and spam messages in your channel. 

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