How to delete Events from Calendar 2021

If you don’t wish to continue using Google Events, you can remove or delete events from calendar. Events from calendars can be deleted easily either on desktop computers or smartphones. The list of events you created can also be deleted with just a couple of simple steps.

Google Calendar

Delete Events From Calendar

With the help of Google Calendar, you can conduct any upcoming events and meetings on a particular date. If you’re busy working on your project and oblivious of any event to attend for, Google Calendar will remind you before it happens.  It’s helpful for teams that share events with team members who work together. It’s pretty simple to share your future attending and working with others.

How to delete events from calendar on Mac

Deleting calendar events is quite simple. If you’re using an iPhone and wish to delete an event on mac, then follow the below steps to delete events from calendar on mac.

  1. Launch Google Calendar app on your iPhone.
  2. Open the event you’d like to close.
  3. Three dot buttons in the vertical can be found in the top right corner.
  4. Click on the Delete button that displays Delete Event.
  5. Click on it to delete the event successfully.

How to delete events from the calendar on Android

If you’re using Android mobile and wish to delete events from the calendar on Android, then follow the below steps to get rid of them.

  1. Launch Google Calendar app on your Android mobile.
  2. Open the event you wish to close.
  3. Three vertical dots in the top right corner can be found.
  4. Tap on the Delete button to close events successfully.

Bear in mind that events from a shared calendar are not an easy task to delete. An event you deleted from your calendar still exists in the shared calendar. 

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